1 March 2020

It's a yellow day, OK
yellow and green
if you want to be picky -
verges and ditches
overflowing with
fallen sunshine, despite
showers and flailing
windscreen wipers.

We do St David proud,
big him up in every
town centre, churchyard
and village. My husband
would have basked
in reflected glory,
kept, of course, in low key.

He wasn't one to brag,
although Jones was
a bit of a give-away
I've never known him
brandish the red dragon,
preferring just to shout
for Wales when the
Six Nations played on tv.

A Scot by birth, Jones
by marriage, living
and working in England,
I'm something of
a patchwork Brit,
my heart lifts when
I see battalions of
daffodils raising faces