Joe's Astral Holiday

A 2 Z Press LLC, 2021

Join Joe and his kitten as they travel to space in this delightful little book by Moira Andrew, with illustrations by Germán Tapia.

ISBN 1954191421

JOE'S ASTRAL HOLIDAY (2021), published by A 2 Z Press LLC, available now from all good bookshops

Poet in the Kitchen

Poetry Space, 2021

Poet in the Kitchen by Moira Andrew and her daughter Jenny Ranson, with illustrations by Jane Burn. This is Book #101 for Moira and Book #1 for Jen!

An exquisite blend of poetry, recipes and reminiscence. You will love it! And what a great and unusual idea for a Christmas present at only a tenner.

POET IN THE KITCHEN (2021), published by Poetry Space, available shortly from Poetry Space.

Jelly Baby

A 2 Z Press LLC, 2021

Jelly Baby is a delightful tale about a young yellyfish who cannot wait to be grown-up and swim around under the waves. But, no matter how much he struggles, he has to stick to his rock until he's old enough to swim! Then, he meets a friend who becomes a friend for life.

ISBN 1954191405

JELLY BABY (2021), published by A 2 Z Press LLC, available now from all good bookshops

Nessie's Baby

A 2 Z Press LLC, 2021

Nessie's Baby is a delightful tale about the legendary Scottish monster who lives in Loch Ness.

Nessie is a sea monster who is scary to most of the other sea creatures in the loch. However, she is a celebrity and very famous all over the world. She hides beneath the deep waters as photographers gather on shore trying in vain to catch a glimpse of this famous creature.

But Nessie has a secret. She has a baby. When Nessie shows her baby, Nancy, to the reporters, she thinks they will like her. Not so. They ridicule her bright green colour and make Nessie feel sad. The other sea creatures come to the rescue and Nancy discovers she is beautiful and famous too - just like her mum! Come join the fun.

Moira Andrew has written many poems and stories for children. Don't miss Nessie's Baby!

ISBN 1954191391

NESSIE'S BABY (2021), published by A 2 Z Press LLC, available now from all good bookshops.


Publish & Print, 2021

A beautiful collection of poetry from famous children's author and award-winning poet Moira Andrew and Angie Butler, also an accomplished poet who has performed and had her work broadcast in the UK and Kenya. Moonfall is Moira Andrew's 101st published book and Angie Butler's first.

ISBN 979-8741949191

MOONFALL (2021),independently published, available on Amazon UK

Imagine a Kiss

Dempsey & Windle, 2021

Imagine a Kiss is Moira Andrew's latest collection of accessible lyrical and narrative poems. Many are love poems, some are nostalgic anecdotes of time spent with beloved people, some are frankly humorous and many tinged with sadness at the inescapable approach of old age and death.

This is a brave collection by a woman who is in full possession of her own self and unafraid to give of herself to others by speaking directly to them of the feelings and experiences many will share with her. This is a book to be enjoyed with a sense of recognition, sympathy and appreciation of the spirit of its author.

ISBN 978-1-913-32920-4

IMAGINE A KISS (2021), published by Dempsey & Windle, soon available from

Looking through Water

Poetry Space, 2020

Moira Andrew has lived through many changing experiences and recorded them in straightforward, and often humorous style. This collection is her testament to another major loss, that of her eyesight.

"The poems bring such calmness, humour and poignance to a sad subject. The reader comes away knowing so much more and thankful too that Moira has told her story so beautifully." Richard Hulley

LOOKING THROUGH WATER (2020), published by Poetry Space, soon available from

‘Honest, erotic, tender and humorous, Moira Andrew’s poetry gives a telling insight into a woman’s passions, commitments and dilemmas.’


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