New children's books by Moira

18 May 2023

Moira Andrew has a remarkable 13 new children's books out, with 3 more in the pipeline. These include A Thoroughly Modern Grandma and Letter from Egypt.

Books by Moira Andrew

Moira at Nunney Makes Christmas

21 November 2022

Moira and Norman will be selling books by Moira at Nunney Village Hall, Saturday 26 November, Nunney Makes Christmas. There will be lots of children's illustrated story books and lots of wonderful poetry for adults.

Books by Moira Andrew

Another book is ready for proof reading

12 November 2022

And another new book from Moira Andrew! This is the proof copy which has just arrived. It now needs checking to be sure everything is right, and then you can enjoy another delightful helping of Moira's work.

We will be selling books by Moira at Nunney Village Hall, Saturday 26 November, Nunney Makes Christmas. I am not sure if this will be ready by then, but we have lots of children's illustrated story books and lots of wonderful poetry for adults.

Thumbprints, by Moira Andrew

New children's books

20 October 2022

Arrived today! Two new children's books by Moira Andrew, The Silver Balloon and The Trouble with Harry. Just in time for Christmas!

We will have a stall at the Nunney Christmas Fayre. Moira will be very happy to sign your books. We have a large selection of children's books and lots and lots of adult poetry. We hope to see you at the Fayre on Saturday 26 November at Nunney Village Hall.

The Silver Moon and The Trouble with Harry, by Moira Andrew

The Poetry Place

27 March 2022

West Wilts Radio's popular show The Poetry Place with John Gallas and Emily Maguire included Moira's poems in this week's broadcast.

You can listen to the programme again for a limited period on the West Wilts Radio website.

The Poetry Place

Poet in the Kitchen

3 December 2021

WOW!!! Another NEW BOOK! It was to be with us 3 years ago but it is HERE. Poet in the Kitchen (Poetry Space) by Moira Andrew and her daughter Jenny Ranson is book #101 for Moira and book #1 for Jen.

This is an exquisite blend of poetry, recipes and reminiscence. You will love it! And what a great and unusual idea for a Christmas present at only a tenner.

Moira Andrew books

Three new books

30 October 2021

An exciting week! We were just about to leave and play at the Three Swans when 2 large boxes arrived from America.

Sizemore, a publisher in the USA has taken 6 of Moira's new children's books and the first 2 have arrived: Jelly Baby and Nessie's Baby. I hope you like the illustrations.

Then on Thursday the long awaited proof copy of Poet in the Kitchen (Poetry Space) arrived too!

Norman xxx

Moira Andrew books

Wes Magee

27 October 2021

I've just learned indirectly through Liz Brownlee that my dear friend Wes Magee has died. I was in email contact with him just a couple of weeks ago. He seemed fine, moaning a bit about ageing, (as we all do these days) but nothing specific. I'd love to know what has happened.

Wes, John Cotton and I made a trio of working poets (and teachers!) who shared a lot, the good and the less so of our lives in poetry. Until recently Wes and I have kept up a newsy correspondence.

It is a very sad day - and my thoughts are with the Magee family. But lots of love Wes - you have been a dear friend to me and a very sad loss.

Moira xx

Wes Magee, poet

Natural History Museum picks Lizard

1 July 2021

The poem Lizard has just been picked up by The Natural History Museum for their upcoming poetry anthology Wonder, edited by Ana Sampson - a lovely surprise! "It reminds me of holidays in France with my husband, Allen," Moira Andrew says.

Wonder The Natural History Museum Poetry Book

Virtual book launch for Imagine a Kiss

2 January 2021

I will host the launch of my 99th book Imagine a Kiss on Zoom on Thursday 4 February at 7.30pm.

You can be part of the audience! Just send an email to .

Imagine a Kiss is published by Dempsey & Windle. It costs £10.

Imagine a Kiss, Moira Andrew

Dame Patricia Routledge reads Letter from Egypt

12 December 2020

Every year, the Salvation Army holds its Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Two years ago the actress Dame Patricia Routledge, best known for Keeping Up Appearances read my poem Letter from Egypt.

Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, there is no concert this year. But the Salvation Army has created a virtual Christmas concert - and Letter from Egypt is included! You can watch it here.

My new books have arrived!

19 November 2020

I had two very exciting deliveries in two days. My 98th and 99th published book have both arrived. Two books in two days!

Looking Through Water is published by Poetry Space. It is a collection of poetry about loss, that of my eyesight.

Book #99 is called Imagine a Kiss, published by Dempsey & Windle.

And there is a #100 already at the publishers. Should be out in 2021!

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

16 September 2020

I am very proud to be included in Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright! An Animal Poem for Every Day of the Year (ISBN 1788005678), illustrated by Britta Teckentrup and collected by Fiona Waters. It is published by Nosy Crow in association with the National Trust.

The follow-up to our highly-acclaimed, multi-award-winning collection, I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree: A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year, Tiger, Tiger is a beautifully illustrated book with 366 animal poems – one for every day of the year – ranging from unforgettable classics to contemporary works from around the world, including poetry in translation.

Tiger, Tiger includes work by Roger McGough, William Blake, Dick King-Smith, Ted Hughes, Grace Nichols, Lewis Carroll, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson - and by me!

Face-to-face at last!

9 September 2020

We had our first face-to-face Nunney Poetry Workshop in our garden this morning. The first since March, although we kept together by Zoom. But it's not the same.

We were lucky with the weather. Nine of us altogether, exceeding the six from now on!

Thanks to everyone who shared their poems, their sadness, their joy and their memories.

Next meeting 14th October. We will just have to wait and see what's permitted - there's always Zoom!

Book launch at Hunting Raven bookshop

10 April 2019

Here are some photographs of the wonderful and well-attended launch event for Hand in Hand, the first anthology of poems by the Nunney Poetry Workshop. It took place at Hunting Raven bookshop in Frome.

A to Z Challenge: A is for poet Moira Andrew

2 April 2019

Click here to read Moira Andrew's work published by Poetry Roundabout as part of the A to Z Challenge.

The A to Z challenge features a feast of poets and poems for every day except Sundays in April.

The Poetry Roundabout websites is packed with children's poetry, news, interviews, poetry tips and fun. Well worth a read!