First published in May 2023

Come on, she says,
nudging his shoulder,
Time to get up!

Not yet! Not yet!
he grumbles, opening
wide his arms.

So she snuggles up,
enjoying the feel
of skin on naked skin.

Just one more kiss!
A tender kiss, some
gentle love-making.

A discreet knock
on the bedroom door,
Get lost! I'm busy!

They kiss again.
Another, more insistent
knock. No response.

We must get up! Now!
she urges, wriggling
from his lustful grip.

Why? he asks. Then,
giving in, One more kiss!
They cuddle close.

Yet another knock,
a rattle of tea cups,
a reluctant Come in!

The tea is strong & hot,
too hot. He takes a breath,
blows to cool it down.

Get a move on Charles!
she says, Remember,
this is your big day!

He grabs a towel, makes
for the loo, showers,
dries himself vigorously.

He breakfasts with Camilla,
climbs into uniform, burdened
with gold & medals galore.

Hope that bloody thing
doesn’t slip, he says.
I’d hate to look a fool

with a crown hanging
from my ears! Then with
a sigh, he takes her hand

and they walk together
into the pomp & circumstance
of a coronation and on to

every screen worldwide.