Geese and Daughters

Indigo Dreams, 2019

Wes Magee says of Moira Andrew’s latest poetry collection, Geese and Daughters:

"This outstanding new book of poems shows Moira Andrew at the peak of her poetic powers as she casts an unerring eye over contemporary life, relationships, love (and physical love), and nature."

"There is great tenderness here as she speaks with confidence and clarity in poem after poem that seems to materialise magically on the page. Geese and Daughters is a treat, rich in language, easy on the ear, personal - yet filled with shared experience and honed to perfection."

GEESE AND DAUGHTERS (2019), published by Indigo Dreams, ISBN 978-1-912876-00-6, Price £6.80, available from

‘Honest, erotic, tender and humorous, Moira Andrew’s poetry gives a telling insight into a woman’s passions, commitments and dilemmas.’